C.U.D.D.L. (Comfortable Undergarment Disposable Drain Lift)

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Drain care made easy to prevent further discomfort, avoid embarrassment, and enhance healing.

The patented C.U.D.D.L. Drain Pouch holds up to eight full reservoirs or evacuators securely while keeping the drain lines safely close to the body, under your clothes, and out of sight. It is made of sanitary, nonwoven polypropylene material that hugs the waist comfortably while offering softness to the touch and strength of the hold.

As your body heals and drains are removed, the C.U.D.D.L. Drain Pouch continues to function just as well with one drain as it did with eight.

The C.U.D.D.L. Drain Pouch offers support after surgery and help in the healing.

CUDDL Drain Pouch

The C.U.D.D.L. Drain Pouch can accomodate up to eight Jackson-Pratt® 100cc and up to four 400cc Bulb Reservoirs.

Chemo patient with smile

A message from Natalie, inventor of the C.U.D.D.L. Drain Pouch

Originally created with my grandmother’s sewing machine, the C.U.D.D.L. (Comfortable Undergarment Disposable Drain Lift) was inspired by the need of a dear friend whose double mastectomy needed eight drains and evacuators. When the hospital had nothing but a giant safety pin and a metal lanyard to lift and hold the evacuators, Amy yanked one of those drains on the bathroom door knob. This additional pain could have been avoided, so I got to work.

Many patients have experienced accidents like Amy’s. These accidents may or may not pull the drain from the incision, but they do cause extreme pain, irritation, and, in worst case scenarios, infection and scarring. The C.U.D.D.L. Drain Pouch enables patients to focus on their healing with confidence and comfort. We have added uplifting quotes of encouragement to each C.U.D.D.L. Drain Pouch to lift spirits and foster emotional healing.

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